''Living our daily lives we are constantly, inevitably surrounded by, using, dependent on and creating materials - processed materials, natural materials, waste materials''

Hands.on.matter is an explorative collective by material and product designer Tim van der Loo (NL) and techno-anthropologist Sandra Nicoline Nielsen (DK). Hands.on.matter explores the potentials of novel as well as traditional materials and production techniques as an outset for questioning resource use, consumption, sustainability and material culture of our current time. Through material workshops, talks and collaborative projects hands.on.matter seeks to push forward sustainable practices in art, design and innovation.
Our story: In a common interest in closing loops we met at a yearly festival on circular economy in Berlin. Through a shared purpose of creating more sustainable and meaningful material paths we started off in the autumn of 2018 by facilitating a bimonthly event series at The Institute of Endotic Research in Neukölln. 

We manifested to take a more naive approach to material - looking into the essence of fundamental materials supplied by mother nature and building from basic matters towards more complicated ones. We wanted to go deeper into the molecules, understanding the composition of certain materials and understanding why one natural fiber is better than the other to bind, weave or construct with.

Our work with circular material thinking puts its emphasis on post consumer and biobased materials. We see these materials as an outset for a discussion of our current culture and material politics. We apply material studies into surfaces and structures for utilitarian objects, installations and events.
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