HANDS.ON.MATTER is an explorative collective of multidisciplinary creatives focusing on the matter of material through a questioning of resources, consumption, sustainability and culture. The bimonthly series consists of expert talks, hands-on workshops and presentations of works within art, design and innovation in the given topic of the month.
PHILOSOPHY: Hands.on.matter believes in taking a step back and rediscovering the kosmos of matter. By looking deeper into different understandings of material - zooming in on substance, and zooming out on flows, hands.on.matter seeks to encourage sustainable practices for art, design and innovation, in the context of everyday life (in terms of sustainable resource use).
The bimonthly series is held at The Institute for Endotic Research, a project space run by Ben Busch and Lorenzo Sandoval.
Hands.on.matter was founded in August 2018 by Sandra Nicoline Nielsen and Tim van der Loo.

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