June 13th 2019
How can ancient production practices be used as creative catalysts towards circular and sustainable innovation? 
In this event we looked into how plants can create new modern utilitarian objects.
Talk by Julia Perera on using ancient inspirations in new designs with the example of her take on a circular and sustainable bast shoe. 
Showcase by Anton Richter of paper sheets, bowls, and boxes made of the wood chip like waste from asparagus production. 
Art piece by Kanako Ishii. Hand painted curtain of the local Rixdorf garden. 
At this event Elena Stranges facilitated a dyeing workshop. Giving used textiles added value by changing their colour with local plants like Essigbaum (Rhus typhina), which is normally considered to be a weed. With waste as a resource Stranges has created an unexpected color palette with an outset of what is readily available from local parks of Berlin to typical kitchen waste. Stranges point: “Often we see no potential, because we have a certain idea of what's useful and what's not”.

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