We proudly present our first event; Mushrooms and mycelium. This event took place at The Institute for Endotic Research and started with the launch of the event series Hands.on.matter (Sandra Nicoline Nielsen, DK & Tim van der Loo, NL).
Mushrooms are a common matter in our world and helped humanity in many perspectives. Mycelium is a less known matter but even so promising. Mycelium is the neural network of the mushroom and growing in dense structures under the ground eating death matter and creating new nutritions for nature. For a while many enthusiasts are working together with mushrooms and mycelium to grow materials for different approaches like art, design and architecture.
For our theme we invited interdisciplinary artist and amateur mycologist Jessica Langley (Colorado, US) who presents her work with mushrooms as material input in paper production and shares some of her insights into mycelial properties in a Skype talk live from Colorado. Next to her work we created our own handmade mushroom paper with the guidance of Jessica. We found our mushrooms in local places like Grünewald (Berlin) and processed it with traditional paper making techniques.
After the talk we put our hands on mycelium by doing a workshop on how to easily grow our own mushroom culture from the mushrooms we buy in supermarkets and mycelium spores you can buy online. Nutritions for the mushrooms/mycelium to grow are biological waste like coffee grounds, hay and wood chips. Together with the participants we mixed our own batch and asked to put it at home in a warm and dark corner. After a month the result was growing edible pink oyster mushrooms.
Mushroom snacks were served as part of the event.
We want to thank Lorenzo Sandoval and Benjamin Busch of TIER.space for hosting our event and Jessica Langley for her inspiring talk about mushrooms!
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